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Gustavo Ollitta

  • Flow Artist
First recognized in 2014 for his incredible buugeng skills, he has then expanded his talents to poi, hula hooping and rope walking, which he performs along side his partner with their company Equilibrium. He also has a passion for teaching and has given hundreds of workshops worldwide and has now created the most complete buugeng course ever existing.

Bow Juggler

  • Juggler
French poï artists, only 21 years old, Bow has been the first one to push discipline and dedication so far into poï juggling, and keeps pushing beyond the limits ! 4 & 5 poï juggling, siteswaps, seb messes, etc… Check his unique poï juggling workshops on Patreon

Vojta Stolbenko

  • Performing Artist
I met him through his event Roztoč fest - Prague Multi-circus Festival in Czech Republic. He was one of my first poï inspiration, whether for his unique musicality and acrobatic style, spinning techniques or crazy throws. His videos already went viral and we could see the influence he has had on poï spinning since almost a decade ! I’m happy to collaborate and to see that our poï fit one of the best. And he does a lot more than just spinning poï, he makes quality videos, teaches online, he organizes poï retreats, events and performs around the world (well that was before). Learn from his unique workshops and support the artist on Patreon

Amit Kenig

  • Staff Performer
International performer and artist in the circus field, performs over 15 years on the biggest stages in front of thousands of viewers and mentors of young artists around the world. His unique style and speed with 1-4 staffs made him today one of the top staff spinners out there.

Thomas Hauffen

  • The Purple Pirate
Thomas Hauffen is a world traveling Fire Dancer and Performer from Norway. He is traveling to International Music and Circus Festivals teaching and perfoming. Over the course of many years years he has developed his own style and unique Charakter. His persona The Purple Pirate is performing and teaching poi, staffs, hula hoops and more where ever he can, all over the world. Thomas has been training with fire since he was 15. He has been fascinated by the flame and dedicated his life to his passion. He has traveled almost everywhere with his art, building his reputation as one of the best fire artists in the world, renowned in the fire artists community and loved by millions of people who have seen his shows. He has been invited to perform for massive music events such as Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia, Earth Frequency Festival, Total Solar Eclipse, Fusion Festival, Ozora Festival, etc.; dedicated fire events such as Phoenix Fire Convention or Stromboli Festival. He has performed in Australia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Norway, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Hungary and many more!

Mackenzie Munro

  • Flow Artist
Mackenzie Munro is an international Canadian performer who seeks love and freedom in everyone of her performances. Having trained in gymnastics at a young age has helped her master incredible skills but what really bring her show to life is her sexy and playful character, which she evokes a little differently each time she performs/ you'll never get tired of seeing her spin with passion.

Mika Hell

  • Circus Space Pirate
Mika Hell discovered the world of spinning fire 7 years ago, a passion who brought him to travel the world to meet masters of this art, to learn from them and dig deeper into it. 4 years ago, he took a step further by going on stage and took the path to be a full time professional fire performer. First with his own crew the Pyro BanGang and then collaborating with other crew as Entourage, Freaks on Fire, Mimetis and Super Cho.
With the Covid episode, Mika Hell decides to set sail with a crew of Circus Space Pirates into the world of social circus and using his skills and passion in a less capitalistic perspective, like organising shows and circus activities for refugees shelter and collecting money for organisation working on that difficult topic.